Workshop on Decision Making and Optimization in Financial Technologies (DMO-FinTech)

Organizers: Yong Zheng and David Wang
Contact & Email: Yong Zheng (

6th International Workshop on Utility-Driven Mining and Learning (UDML 2024)

Organizers: Vincent S. Tseng, Philip S. Yu, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, and Philippe Fournier-Viger
Contact & Email:;;

Workshop on Research and Applications of Foundation Models for Data Mining and Affective Computing (RAFDA)

Organizers: Zhaoxia WANG, Erik CAMBRIA, Bing LIU, Boon Kiat QUEK, and Seng-Beng HO
Contact & Email:;

Workshop on Learning Data Representation and Clustering

Organizers: Lazhar Labiod and Mohamed Nadif
Contact & Email: Lazhar Labiod (

Workshop on Robust Machine Learning in Open Environments

Organizers: Lan-Zhe Guo, Tong Wei, Yu-Feng Li, and Min-Ling Zhang
Contact & Email: Lan-Zhe Guo (, Tong Wei (

Workshop on Temporal Analytics

Organizers: Organized by Chang Wei Tan, Mahsa Salehi, Jason Lines, Charlotte Pelletier, and Navid Foumani
Contact & Email: Chang Wei Tan (